Biker Barre: A week of firsts

This week has been a week of firsts.  My first barre class.  My first spin class.  My first month unlimited to Biker Barre.  Oye what have I gotten myself into?!

Several of my coworkers have been raving about Biker Barre.  It’s this tiny little barre/spin place in South East DC.  Now, before you freak out when I say SE, South East DC has made HUGE strides over where they were even 10 years ago.  Heck I’d even consider living in SE if I didn’t already own a place.

Barre classes are designed to be similar to a ballet barre class.  Considering that I never took ballet in my life and I am as graceful as a rhino on roller skates I was fully prepared to look something like this during my first class:

In actuality I wasn’t quite that bad, but I am still not nearly as graceful as others.  Meh, I’m a work in progress.

Then I tried spin.  Nervous Bunny raves about her spin classes.  I have never done spin.  Every time I’ve even thought about doing spin I hear how LOUD the music is and it completely backs me off.  Nervous Bunny convinced me that doing spin would be good for me (“You are attached to the bike, you know”).  I broke down threw some ear plugs in my ears and did my first spin class.

The cool thing about Biker Barre is that they do their spin classes in the dark.  Only the emergency exit (good to know) and the instructor are illuminated.  This means that no matter how much I am huffing and puffing no one can see me huffing and puffing.  This could be a good thing…..Also spin requires you to ‘sprint’ on your bike.  I currently only have 2 speeds installed run and walk.  If spin gives me the ability to find the other gears in my legs I’m all for it.

I’m really trying to venture beyond just running mainly because if I don’t cross train I’m going to wind up unbalanced.  Not to mention with my asthma getting worse I really need to find other ways to push my lungs to the point of explosion besides running.  I need to improve my breathing to improve my running.

Why do I have this push on improving my running?  I have my sights set on doing the Seashore Classic Half Marathon next April.  It will be a month after the Shamrock Half.  There is a tiny problem, though.  You have to be able to do a 12 minute mile pace.  That is a work in progress for me.

Before I got sick I did an 11:21mm 10k.  Then I got sick.  I’m slowing whacking the time back off, but it is hard.  It’s just a matter of getting my lungs back to where they were.  I’m hoping that a month of barre and spin classes back to back every weekend will increase my stamina and increase my cardio ability.  Either that or it is going to kill me…..I’ll keep you posted.


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