Finding my legs, again

Lately, I’ve been struggling on my runs. At first I chalked it up to being unfit. Yet the more I ran the worse I felt. I was doing everything a good asthmatic is suppose to do. I was taking my daily meds, taking my pre-run inhaler and watching the temperature closer than most weathermen in order to gauge whether I should be inside or outside (with or without my new ColdAvenger). Yet nothing was working. I finally said enough was enough and went and saw the doc.

Long story short she threw me on a new medicine. She said it would take a couple of weeks to tell the difference. Around the time I did my follow up with her I was sicker than a dog. She said, “well new meds are definitely working or else you’d be even more sick.” I’m not quite sure why I found that reassuring but I did.

Today was my first day back running. I figured if I was healthy enough to do SolidCore and yoga I was healthy enough to hit the trails. Actually I am still coughing a little but I digress…I didn’t set out to do any crazy distance or set a pace for myself. I was out to ease myself back into the program with a nice 2 mile trail run.

It felt great. No more than great. I don’t think I’ve been this happy and enjoyed my run this much in a long time. The weather was perfect. I had the park practically to myself. Perry was enjoying himself. Most importantly I could breathe. I didn’t feel like my lungs were on fire or were going to explode out of my chest. Right now I’m a very happy girl. If I can continue breathing this well I will be beyond excited.



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