Schrödinger’s Body: Tale of a [solidcore] workout

Schrödinger’s body; (def) a body can be weak and strong all at the same time.

I get bored.  I know it.  Not only does my mind begin to wander when it gets bored, but the natural sloth in me can always find a reason not to workout.  Over the course of many years I have learned this about myself.  This is why I register for races (to keep myself honest and on track), but also go looking for classes that are WAY outside of my comfort zone.  Not only does it keep me engaged, but it keeps me from plateauing.  Two birds, one class.  Enter [solidcore].

[solidcore] comes with it’s very own warning video.  Don’t believe me?  Click the link.  You’ll see.  It’s no joke.  Yet, I had been reading multiple articles talking about how amazing this class was for your body.  Many times several of my co-workers and I have been discussing about possibly trying it with hushed and awed tones.  Could we survive?  Would we survive?  Someone had to be the guinea pig for the group so I stepped up.  Hey, I never claimed to be smart.

After being down for a week being sick and having to reschedule only made the class more intimidating.  It’s like the mountain that is right in front of you that you know that you have to go over to get to the other side, but the more you think about it the bigger it gets.  Today my co-worker (we shall call her Nervous Bunny) finally went to class.

I got there a little earlier than I should have, but given the fact that I metro-ed to one of their DC locations I hadn’t been sure how long it was going to take me to get there.  I’m kind of glad I did.  I got to watch the class before us go.  I was watching skinny girls struggle.  Oh what did I get myself into?! Nervous Bunny and I decided that we would have a ‘safe word’; if it got too much we would say “pumpkin” and we would bail and never speak of it again.

The mega-reformer looks quite a bit like a Pilates machine. The whole purpose of this class is to bring your slow twitch muscles to failure through slow and controlled motion.  My main draw to this class is that it is slow and controlled.  Everyone knows that when it comes to grace I have zero.  What could go wrong with slow and controlled.

As we made our way through class working one muscle group to another I learned just how strong and yet weak I was.  I watched my leg muscles shake.  We weren’t doing anything crazy, no pounding, no crazy miles, no screaming, just slow controlled movements.  Just when your mind screams at you that you can’t do one more thing, they change it up.  What are they mind readers??  From one muscle group to another, over and over again.

I didn’t think I was going to make it.  Nervous Bunny didn’t think she was going to make it.  We grunted and struggled and tried our hearts out.  Then the instructor said the magic words, “last exercise”.  Oh sweet Lord we made it.  Through the ring of fire and out the other side.  We were weak, but we made it through the class making us strong.  After class the instructor of our class and one of the girls in our class (who had been the instructor of the earlier class) came to speak with us.  They congratulated us for doing well.  Then they dropped this little bomb on us, “We teach to the strongest person on the room.  That class wasn’t easy.”  If my jaw had the energy to hit the floor it would have.  Say what?  Teach to the strongest person.  Yikes!  I felt a little better about struggling and then a little ashamed that I had to struggle at all. Running the half marathon was easier than this class.  Holy smokes!

Then came the hard part; getting home.  Nervous Bunny and I chatted while we waited for our separate trains to arrive.  I was already willing to go to another class.  Nervous Bunny wasn’t so sure.  She too agreed that she was surprised that she survived the class.  “The trick is surviving the rest of the day.”  She said.  I laughed.  She did have a point.

Sweaty, stinky, and ever so exhausted I made my way home via metro.  One obstacleIMG_5267 stood between me and my heated car seat.  The stairs.  Now, granted, I could have walked down the platform and taken the escalator, but dammit that was too far.  I limped and whimpered my way up the stairs.  Turned on the car and immediately turned on the heated seat.  Oh wait, I have to drive home?!  Crap.

Sitting at a stop light with my foot on the brake, my leg started to shake.  First a little and then a lot.  The longer my foot sat on the brake the harder my leg started to shake.  Are you kidding me???  Just sitting with my leg on the brake was causing my leg to shake.  Good grief that was some workout.  I definitely won’t get bored that’s for sure.  I am already sore in parts of me I didn’t know could get sore.  All that said, I will most certainly go back.

Now, to climb the stairs to get into the shower….I’ll get there, eventually.


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