Toe pick!

Do you remember the scene in Cutting Edge, you know the one where Douglas is learning to figure skate; “toe pick”.

Well, that pretty much sums up my trail run this week.  My brother was here this week and he wanted to embrace the fact that he wasn’t living in Alaska any longer. We decided to hit up a trail at a local park and work the kinks out of our legs (full disclosure, kinks he put there with his ‘modified CrossFit workout’).  I was still feeling rather mangled, so, I begged convinced him to do the 4 mile loop vice the 7 mile loop.

He took off like a gazelle through the woods.  Within a minute he was gone.  Perry and I weren’t concerned, eventually we’d catch him.  You know, like back at the car after he’s had time to cool down and take a nap.

Perry and I made our way through the woods enjoying the view and the peace. One tiny little problem I’m a huge klutz.   We were doing great with no stopping or breaks through the 2 mile mark.  Granted a few roots which caught my attention, but nothing that I couldn’t handle.  However, leaves+roots=me superman flying through the air.  At the mile 2.5 mark I took a tumble that would make any stuntman blush.  My ankle rolled, I went flying through the air, landed and then skid through the mud.  Poor Perry was terrified.  He looked at me with the “I didn’t do it, mama!”

As I lay there in a heap I realized that I had to move forward.  I was a mile and a half from the car.  There was no option.  I had to pick myself up.  As headed down the trail limping slightly I knew I had to push on.  I walked on putting more and more weight on the ankle until the stinging left the foot then I picked up a slight jog.  I knew I could do this.  Just as I picked up my jog a text message came through my phone.  I didn’t see it until I got back to the car, but it was from my brother.  He had send “You doing great, keep it up.” Yeah, he’s awesome.

I got back to the car and he laughed as he saw the streak down the side of my tights.  He asked what happened to me.  As I relayed the toe picking supermaning he laughed.  Then he asked how long it took me to finish the 4 miles.  I told him 59:32.  He was impressed.  Hey, I may be old, I may be fat, but I’m determined.


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