I have a dear, sweet, amazing friend who I love tremendously.  Miss M carries her burden through life with grace and style in ways that I am in awe of.  She is currently struggling with darkness.  It may be the change of seasons, it may be for other reasons, all I know is that I wanted to try to provide her even with a momentary spark of light.  I convinced (cajoled, bribed, take your pick) her to dinner and the trampoline park.  If there is one thing that is always good for a giggle it’s adults on a trampoline.

We got our jump time stickers and proceeded into the trampoline area.  If you’ve never been to a trampoline park imagine a giant warehouse filled wall to wall with trampolines of various shapes and sizes.  It’s quite the sight to behold, and quite the experience. Oh and even better; it’s an awesome work out. It takes core and almost every single muscle in your body.

IMG_5031As we bounced our way through the next hour, I heard something I don’t think I had heard emanate from the lovely Miss M in a very long time; laughter.  Something about jumping on a trampoline, bouncing kids out of our area, doing funny poses, and attempting front flips just brings laughter.  For that briefest moments in time there was light in the darkness.  Who knew that trampolines were magical?

We started bouncing our way around the park trying out various different areas.  We settled into a corner of the park near several other adults who were also bouncing and giggling.  Miss M and I watched as they were all trying front flips.  Neither of us were convinced that we could actually do one.  I worked up enough courage to try a somersault.  I know, that shouldn’t take courage, but when you get to a certain age to realize you don’t bounce nor recover as quickly as you use to.  Success!  Then I got brave and tried a front flip!  I did it!

After seeing that I didn’t break myself, Miss M tried it!  Of course she lands on her feet!

Throughout the hour we had channeled our inner cheerleader, jumped, flipped, giggled, and sweat.  Most importantly, we had had a grand time. I’m looking forward to going back and I think she is too.




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