You know you are a gluten-free runner when….

Contrary to the gluten-free morons who are jumping on this bandwagon because their sisters-boyfriends-trainers-girlfriend told them to, I actually cannot eat gluten.  Well, that’s a lie.  I CAN eat gluten.  I won’t get hives, go into anaphylactic shock, or burst into flames.  I will, however, experience a whole host of GI and physical issues that I won’t embarrass you with.  This means that I eat no gluten, period end of discussion.  When I have been gluten bombed I know it within 20 minutes and I spend the next 24 hours in massive pain, agony, and not wandering far from a bathroom.

This leads me to running.  What most people don’t know is that when you start running longer distances all the jostling does funny things to your GI tract.  Meh, that’s old hat for me.  What most runners don’t have to deal with is checking every major energy source that is on the race course to determine if it has gluten in it or not.  Nothing says “I’m not finishing” like ingesting something that you shouldn’t.  After I’ve trained, paid for the entry fee, and gotten up at the crack of dawn I am finishing.  Which typically translates to I either have to bring my own stuff, or doing copious amounts of research before I go.  Luckily, all of the GU Energy Lab products are gluten-free.  As are Gatorade drink products.  Yay! Score one for the GF crowd.

That being said, I will be running the Dirty Damsel trail race soon.  As with all race packets they send you electronically, this one also had a full line up of what would be available post race. “Water, Gatorade, and soft drinks will be available after the race. Food is typical post-trail food, including pizza, breakfast burritos, bagels, peanut butter, bananas, trail bars, chips, cookies, trail-mix and M&Ms. Free food and beverages will be available at the finish line for all racers and volunteers.” Nothing says buzz kill like having to either skip by all of the food or get all excited because you think there is something you can eat (chips, M&Ms) only to flip the package over to find out, oh no, sorry it has wheat in it.  (Yeah, I’m looking at you Pringles.) So while everyone else is partying down, I’ll be the dork with the lunch box containing food I can eat.   Wow, it’s high school all over again….

Now I’m not asking the to have a whole array of gluten free food, but would it kill them to at least have a couple of options?  Oh wait, that’s right they do bananas.  Yay.  Here’s to hoping that they have plain M&Ms.


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