Leaping tall buildings

After the half-marathon yesterday I waited and waited for my “runners high” to hit me.  Pain hit me, but no runners high.  I kept waiting and waiting.  Even after I woke up this morning I looked around; nope still not there. I was still a little stiff, but not as bad as I would have been if I had not gone and gotten a 90 minute massage yesterday (thank you Brenda) I was still missing something.  Wasn’t quite sure what, but I knew I was out of whack some how.

One of my favorite people in the world had recommended CorePower Yoga.  She has a studio out in CO Springs, and has raved for weeks about it to me.  When I found out they had a studio here I had made a mental note of their schedule.  It has been a while since I had been to a true yoga studio.  (No, yoga classes in gyms do not count as true yoga, but that’s a topic of a separate conversation.)

I mentally went through my body check list to see if I was ok enough to actually go to a class.  I knew I was going to probably struggle, but I didn’t see a reason why I could not go to class.  I went back double checked the schedule and found a class that suited my abilities.  Level one, what could go wrong with a level one class?

When I walked into the Falls Church studio I immediately fell in love.  It had the most wonderful welcoming vibe this was definitely the ‘cool kids’ yoga.  As I made my way through the class I started to feel better and better; even with all of the chair that we did. Chair is one of those poses that makes your legs scream at you.  I held my own though, my legs finally calling uncle during the last iteration.  The room was apparently warmer than it normally is for a level 1 class (which is usually not heated), but the sweat felt good. By the time we were done I was soaked, but unbelievably happy. I finally felt what I was expecting to feel after my race, proud and like I could leap a tall building.  Apparently, my runner’s high was just stuck in a telephone booth….


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