A GF half marathon: my first

Today I ran and completed my first half marathon. I got up before the crack of dawn and drove 70 miles to go run 13.1 miles. I must be insane. After yesterday’s anxiety attack about doing this on my own my best friend recommended to me to put the pin of Perry the Platypus on my shirt. Her reasoning; the last time you took a flat dad why not take a flat Perry. IMG_4711.JPG She was right, though, a couple if times during the run when I started to get anxious I reached down and touched the pin. I know it sounds weird, but it did help.

My biggest fear going in was that I was going to get gluten bombed the day before and I’d have issues on the race course. All this week I was even more militant than ever ensuring that there was no possible way I was going to get sick. Some times it pays to be a little over zealous.

I ran this race at my pace, but along the way I met several girls who were going about the same speed at I was. I kept them in my eye line to keep moving along. I thought I was doing awesome, until I saw this guy.

IMG_4717.JPG Are you kidding me. Holy crap running this race is hard enough let alone carrying a flag the whole way. Good grief!

The miles clicked away until I hit the 10 mile marker. Then I hit a wall. In my mind I knew it was only 3 more miles, but holy biscuits I swear that from 10-11 felt longer than the previous 10 miles put together. When I crossed the 11-12 marker I swear I was going backwards. Are we there yet?!

Forward motion. That was all I wanted. If I walked, crawled or dragged my happy ass forward that’s all I cared about. In the end, I finished. I even finished faster than I was anticipating. I think it was the girls I was pacing with.


When I got through the timer and got my official picture taken (unofficial below) they corralled you through the food area. One tiny problem. All of the food they were trying to get us to eat I couldn’t. Good thing I packed a lunch box. You’d think with the number of folks out there with allergies they’d serve Kind bars vice cookies. Then again I’m sure cookies are cheaper.

I hobbled to the car, changed out of my exceptionally wet clothes, turned on the heated seat and made the 70 mile drive home. There’s only one question I have. When is that euphoric runners high suppose to kick in? All I feel is tired. My lungs hurt more than I wish they were and my legs want to chop themselves off. All that said, I finished dammit.



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