So what are you doing this weekend?

My co-workers on Friday were discussing their weekend plans. When the conversation came around to me I casually said; oh I’m going to Colorado Springs to do a 5k. After they picked their jaws up off the ground the peppering of questions began from why would you want to do that to isn’t that kind of expensive for a 5k. What they didn’t factor into their inquisition was friendship.

As we all know as we get older good friends are hard to find. Great friends are even more difficult. A few years back I managed to find an amazing one. Tiny flaw; she was stationed in the UK. Seeing her required selling of organs to get a plane ticket. This past summer she moved to Colorado which means instead of selling a kidney or part of my liver I can actually afford to see her once in a while.

This past winter the stars aligned and I happened to get a business trip to the UK. During the course of that trip we spoke about The Color Run and how fun it would be to do together. We hatched a plan that I would just fly out for the race in the fall in Colorado since that was her next duty location. Nothing says figure it out like trying to get her registered for a US race from a UK IP address!

So, Friday I got on a small screaming delightful human packed flight and headed to CO; from sea level to nearly 8k feet. I had taken a baby aspirin in the morning to help with the altitude sickness (a trick that works). I knew we were only walking it but I still didn’t want to walk it with a screaming headache! As I exited the security portion of the airport there she and T were both standing! I squealed with delight and sprinted across the vestibule area! Oh happy day. Seeing them made up for the crappy delightful flight.

Saturday morning we got decked out in our Glam Runner tutus and headed down to the start line. Even Dixie, C’s flat coated retriever, got decked out.


As we walked to the start line, three girls and a dog dressed in tutus, passing drivers must have thought we had gone mad. The closer we got to the start line we started seeing more and more angel wings, crazy wigs, and tutus. None of the outfits, not even the hot guys in blue wigs, were more awesome than our puff painted shirts, tutus, and dog in full costume. IMG_4645.JPG

We laughed and giggled and had a grand time through the whole race. There were tons of people who stopped us and asked C, “Can I get a picture with your dog?” Including the really hot guys in the blue wig. We walked, not ran, the whole thing but we had a FABULOUS time doing so.


We walked home from the finish line happy, giggling, and covered from head to toe in color. As C opened the gate I opened the Map My Fitness app that I had started on our way down to the start line. We had walked not just a 5k, but over a 10k! Granted, many of you scoff at not only the paltry distance, but the fact that it was a walk. To you I say, while yes, it was at a walk, it was an over 6 mile walk at elevation. For an asthmatic who lives practically at sea level that’s pretty awesome.

What made it even more awesome was the fact that not once did my body scream that it was hurting or my mind say ‘are we there yet?!’ The first I attest to all of the time I’m doing in the gym lately. The latter I put squarely on the believe that anything is possible when you are surrounded by amazing friends.



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