Awesome people and the Universe

Pardon me while I wander here for a moment.  Guess who I got to speak with today?!  Molly!!  You remember Molly right?  Well, she finished her hike.  We had an amazing conversation today about her trip, the people she met, and about the Universe.  We agreed that the Universe is always sending you exactly who you need in your life when you need them.  Which leads me to half-marathon training.

I have some awesome people in my life.  I posted on Facebook that I was looking to complete (vice compete) in a half-marathon and I have several friends that have offered to support and/or complete it with me.  This is mind blowing to me for a whole host of reasons, but let’s start with the biggest one; these friends who have offered are the ones who are experiencing their own struggles with their own battles.  From their own (publicly well-documented) weight struggles to parents with cancer to the military breaking them in various ways, they have all stepped up and said yes. 

Every day I am thankful for those people who have come into my life in strange and unique ways.  Each and every one of them have touched my heart in a special way.  They are stronger than they know, braver than you can believe, and most importantly they are kind.  Gay, straight, veteran, man, woman, rich, poor, I love them all for their uniqueness.  These folks are there, walking, running, challenging themselves and me in the process.  We may be broken individually, but together we are strong.

While I can’t say I am looking forward to the pain, I know that I have the support of some amazing people.  Let the count down to the VA Beach half marathon begin.  Just finish.  Don’t care how slow or fast, just finish.



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