Flat Dad: Recap Part 1, the stats

Let’s start with the statistics before we get to the meat of the trip, shall we? I could give you some juicy ones, like the number of days without a shower, but If I figure that would just gross you out.  So rather than give you something that may make you squeamish, here are some fun stats instead.

Days on the road: 33

Hottest Day: Washington State (eastern) 106F

Coldest Day (without windchill): Oregon (central) 38F

Coldest Day (with windchill): Glacier 15F

Highest Elevation: Pikes Peak, CO 14,115

Lowest Elevation: Under sea level Hug Point, OR (tide pooling on the “Super Moon”)

National Parks: 5

National Monuments: 2

National Forest: 19

State Parks: 12

Miles covered: 7762

States: 19

Time Zones: 3

Nights camping: 21

Nights slept in the car: 2 (not in a row)

Nights in a hotel: 4 (not in a row)

Nights in the home of a friend: 5 (not in a row, spread across 3 states)

Ok, ok, you read this far:  Most days in a row without a shower: 7


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