Oregon Coast: Part 2

Pacific OceanAs I moved south on the Oregon coast the sea started to become more angry and the sand gave way to cliffs.  101 started to seem more like Highway 1 in California; twisty.  I have discovered the secret to traveling along the coast; get up early and get on the road before the RVs do.  I try to be exceptionally respectful while I am on the road, but getting pushed off of it by an RV or worse, getting pushed out of a parking lot because of an RV got old quick.  So, Perry and I have taken to getting up and out early and it has made all of the difference in the world.

I must say, I am surprised the number of towns that are exactly the same; a bead shop, a knick nack shop, a candy shop, and a glass blower (because what town isn’t complete without a glass blower).  Town after town they all seemed to blend together.  Nothing about them really stood out.  Of the 200 miles of coastline I have driven I have stopped exactly twice.  Once was for Tillamook creamery (because who can’t live without cheese curd), and the other was for something completely Oregon unique (myrtlewood). Other than that, meh, take it or leave it. Not exactly what I am sure the Oregon economy wants to hear.

IMG_4149We’ve had a grand time exploring the difference beaches and seeing all of their different personalities.  Perry, has been having SUPER fun running in the waves and rubbing in the sand.  My poor “new” car.  I think that Dublin Dog needs to pair up with Subaru to make the “No Stink Car”. 



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