Oregon Coast: Part 1

I had been looking forward to the Oregon coast as MY part of the trip. Most everything else was being done for Dad. Considering I hadn’t spent any time on its coast, or the state itself I was super excited.

I came in on Sunday to Astoria. Which by the way is not only home to the Goonies house, but to an awesome Sunday market. I’ve been watching the new “old” posters of the National Parks coming out and the artist just happened to be there. I got 4 signed prints from him! I’m excited to get them home. Astoria has this wonderful laid back and friendly vibe to it. 20140716-153510-56110575.jpg

As I started down 101 I stopped at pretty much every beach I came to. Each had their own individual style and vibe. That said my favorite so far has been Hug Point.

20140716-153825-56305211.jpg I went there on Monday morning when the tide was exceptionally low. I walked for miles looking at the sea caves, tide pools, and this surprising waterfall.

I stayed my first night at Nehalem Bay. Talk about cushy digs for a tent camper. Every space has their own water and power. I was able to quickly charge my laptop without feeling like a criminal ‘borrowing’ power at the bathrooms. Which. Were. AWESOME.

My third night I stayed at Cape Lookout. Perry and I did the 5 mile round trip out to the Cape hoping for good weather. No, we got no view and dumped on with rain. Meh, win some loose some.


20140716-154234-56554072.jpg At least we got our exercise in.


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