Washington: Land of contrasts

20140710-065759-25079403.jpg20140710-065758-25078503.jpg This is not what most people picture when you say “Washington State”. Most people think of the coast, or Olympic National Park; lush and green. There is a whole other side to the state that actually looks more like Arizona. I’ve spent the last few days exploring this side of the state.

Let’s start with the heat. Holy bejesus it’s hot. Every day has been well over 100. Then at night it drops down into the 60s. A hard earned lesson when I froze my ass off camping the first night. Hey, in my defense when they grow corn and wheat it’s hard to remember this is technically a desert.

Then let’s talk about the strange contrasts. With all of the irrigation they are growing all sorts of crops that they probably couldn’t otherwise. Irony is being unable to eat wheat and being surrounded by wheat fields. The cows are grazed open range, like much of the west. Oh and should I mention I just missed cherry season, dammit.

While this side of Washington has been interesting I’m looking forward to getting to Mount Rainier.



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