Getting our/my shit together

I “lost” my key in Glacier National Park today.  I use the quotes because eventually I found it, but not before a phone call to Subaru Roadside Assistance, a tow truck, and two new keys at the tune of $149 a piece.  Yeah, it’s been a rough day.  After tearing the camp apart and packing it up, oh and several nights of nightmares, I decided that reestablishing the camp was just not in my emotional wheelhouse.  We departed the part (with the found key) and headed for Kallispel. 

Springer sleeping

Perry is not amused

On our way to our very nice Holiday Inn Express we drove past a laundromat/car wash that just happened to be right next to a health food store.  SCORE!  We turned around at the next intersection and stopped in.  Clean underpants are not to be underrated, and after yesterday’s journey up to Kintla Lake; Glenda needed a bath, badly. 

As I scrubbed the dirt off of Glenda I started to feel lighter myself.  While the inside of the car is still a disaster, at least the outside looks a thousand times better.  There is always tomorrow to fix that disaster.

We pulled around front I pulled together all of my dirty laundry to throw into the washer.  One $2 washer later (when did they get so expensive) I sat down at an outlet and started working on uploading all of the video that I had taken on the GoPro while in the park.  It was very zen sitting in the sun, getting clean underpants, and clearing my head. 

Clean laundry in tow we headed to the hotel.  Something about a shower makes everything better.  Let’s hope that that I’ll get a good night sleep.  Let’s also hope that the two keys arrive at the dealership tomorrow so that I can get out of this funk. 


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