Glacier Part 2: West Side Story

Getting up before the crack of dawn to break down my tent is not exactly what I would call vacation-like behavior; however, I’d heard the Logan Pass was an absolute zoo. Dad taught me from an early age that if you want peace and quiet you figure out how to get it. So, up at 0430 it is. As we drove up the Going to the Sun road all alone I had the opportunity to take in all of its splendor without having to fight people on the road.


When we got up to the pass we were the only ones there.

20140705-175659-64619890.jpg It was fantastic. Perry had a grand time rolling in the snow. Then we headed down the other side to the West Side.

I have to say I like the west side better. The people are friendlier, the Rangers are friendlier, and overall the vibe is better. We rented a kayak on Lake McDonald today, and most likely will do so again tomorrow. Yep, having a grand time. This is what I was expecting of Glacier.




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