Glacier Part 1

I know that this is going to wind up being a two part post. You can’t come to Glacier and not expect to have a lot to share. Unfortunately, I found out yesterday the average stay in Glacier is 3.5 hours. Wha?! That’s crazy talk.

I wound up scoring a spot at Rising Sun. The views are amazing but the best part is I don’t have to move again, until I want to. Our camp site is rather convenient sandwiched between St. Mary’s and Logan’s Pass.

To say Glacier is beautiful is an understatement. I’ve seen lots of places in the US and this is hands down one of the most beautiful 20140704-130458-47098456.jpg I’ve spent the last few days exploring the East side of the park. Yesterday, we hiked from Rising Sun to Sun Point. I shot some GoPro video of it. As soon as we aren’t on cell but on wifi I’ll load it.

Today we went to Two Medicine. Wow. I think I liked that area better than where we are. We also went north to Duck Lake.

20140704-130740-47260326.jpg Perry has been swimming until his heart is content. Tomorrow, I think, we will head over to the west side to see what all the fuss is about.


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