South Dakota

I spent the last 2 days camping at Sheridan Lake in South Dakota. It was quite beautiful, but if there is one thing I forgot about being in “the middle” of the US it was that the weather is brutal. Last night there were gusts up to 50mph. When you are in a tent, in a forest, you pray to every deity you can think of just to get through the night. When I woke up at 4 am and could smell the rain; I packed up and left.


I drove across Wyoming and part of Montana today. God it is beautiful out here. I cannot even begin to describe to you just how gorgeous it is. Pictures just don’t do it justice.


Before I got to Billings I called a friend of mine who lives out here hoping to get together for lunch. God love her; I got invited to dinner and to stay the night. Amazing company AND a meal I don’t have to cook over flame; sign me up! Oh and there was an added bonus of getting Perry some much needed puppy play time. Good times, amazing people.


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