Observations from the Midwest

I’m currently on I 90 heading west in Minnesota. Some random observations from the first few days on the road;

1. Pennsylvania sucks. Their exits are not easy on easy off. I wound up having to backtrack 3 miles out of my way in order to turn around on the freeway.

2. Indiana is under construction. Yes the entire state.


3. Midwest thunderstorms are nothing to be messed with. I thought trying to drive through a blinding snowstorm was bad. Blizzards have nothing on the downpour I experienced in Iowa.

4. I have seen lots and lots of cornfields but not a lot of other crops. This makes me really concerned about stability of farming in our country.

5. You can tell where all the houses have been in Minnesota. There are these little rings of trees in the middle of fields. Makes you wonder what brought people out here and who they were.

6. When the speed limit is 70 the speed limit is 70. I’ve set the cruise and I’ve seen more people get pulled over after they’ve blown past me. To that I say ha ha.

7. Lots of windmill farms.


8. My copilot is not such a good copilot.


9. The SPOT was the best purchase I’ve made. Second to SiriusXM.

10. This country is absolutely beautiful.


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