Eight hours

Eight hours stand between me and this insane plan of mine. My desk has been packed up for days. The good news is that time at work seems to distract me from all of the self-doubt I have. Can I do this? Should I be doing this? Will I be safe doing this? The bad news is that it doesn’t keep the OCD list building at bay. I can’t tell you the number of meetings I’ve sat in recently that has resulted in more to do items for my home life than it did for my work life.

I know that what I’m about to undertake is nuts. Nearly 7,000 miles, 18 states, 3 time zones, and more Public Lands than I can name in one sitting. I also know; however, that the images and video from this trip are going to make my Dad unbelievably happy. That is what matters. That is what counts.

So….8 hours. I can do this. Right?


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