Shakedown and a kayak

Wet dog in a subaruAh, yes, new gear.  After the last trip I determined that some changes needed to be made in order for Perry and I to be more successful on our Grand Adventure.  I decided to do one more shakedown cruise with the new gear to determine if I worked all of the kinks out or not.  Surprise, I didn’t.  In the meantime though, I learned that our new REI Passage 2 tent is water tight!

Friday it poured.  Not sprinkled, not rained, no sky-opening-monkies-gorillas-cats-dogs kind of poured.  I waited until there was a slight break in the weather and then threw up the tent quickly.  As soon as the rain fly went on, WHAM, the sky opened up again.  Well, this was going to be a true test; were we going to drown in the middle of the night or not.  (Spoiler alert, we didn’t.)  I folded the back seat down in the Subaru just in case the thunder and lightening got too bad so weDog on therm-a-rest could find some sort of refuge.  Luckily, even through the lightening/thunder storm we were snug as bugs in a rug.  Well, except that Perry decided that he wanted the 4″ Neoair versus the 1/2″ old school Therm-a-rest.  Other than that the night was perfect.

Saturday was a perfect day.  Not too hot, not too cold, but the best part was picking up my kayak! We were suppose to pick it up on Friday, but with the weather I figured it was best to wait.  After we picked up our boat we took it out for a spin in on one of the ponds at the local National Wildlife Refuge.  This way we were in a quiet, protected location, so if Perry decided to jump or flip the boat I wouldn’t be Kayakingcompletely hosed.

Sunday we headed home with the kayak on the roof, wet gear, and a boat load of lessons.  First, I really have to organize myself (and Perry) much better.  Second, I am definitely going to have to change Perry’s leash. The leash we have gets gunked up with sand and dirt.  That’s just not going to work.  Third, I am really going to have to better plan my meals.  Now that I am having to eat gluten free it is really impacting what I can and cannot take with me to eat.  This means better planning and preparation.  Finally, I’m going to have to better scope out what I am actually going to use versus what I pack.  There is no point in wasting food or space for gear I don’t need. Does this mean I won’t learn more lessons on the road?  Heck no.  I will probably get a third of my way through the trip and wonder why the heck I brought half of the things I did.  At least, though, I’m working out some of the kinks before we leave.  We are down to 10 days before we leave.  What are the chances that I will actually get my act together before we go.  Slim to none?  Yeah, that’s my bet too.






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