Yay shopping!

I am not your average girl. I actually despise shopping.  Parting with my hard earned cash is not something I do willingly or lightly.  Pile of REI gearBefore I separate myself from any of my cash there is copious amounts of research that goes into it; studying reviews, reading technical manuals, etc. When I finally do part with my money it is usually a very quick trip into the store, get the item, leave the store (that’s if I can’t get it online.) Then I usually wind up knowing more than the employees and I get offered a job (happened twice today.)

Currently both REI and EMS are having their annual blow out sales.  I am a member of both so I take advantage of the sales to get the gear I need. They are similar, yet different, in the gear they carry so I do my due diligence before I walk into either store (or website).

Over the course of the past two days I have done quite a bit of shopping for gear for my Grand Adventure. Today’s trip included; the Passage 2 Tent, Goal Zero solar gear, ooh and my personal ‘luxury’ is the egg holder.  Hey, anyone that has gone camping with eggs in the cardboard box will tell you after 2 hours against ice and in water the container falls apart. Even better, when I got home my SPOT was waiting for me, so I got to activate it as well!

Additionally, with a recent windfall of second job paycheck I’m also slowly building up to buying my kayak.  I have one more test paddle to do out in Delaware in a couple of weeks before we (Perry and I) commit to a kayak, but while the sales are going on we are buying some basics that we will need. Yesterday, I picked out my Thule Slipstream roofrack.  It’s not installed yet as I had to order it, but hey I’ve got a nice rack.  (LOL).

One of the items I’m most excited about is Perry’s Ruffwear PFD (personal floatation device).  Dog LifejacketHe’s an excellent swimmer, but as my Dad always taught me it’s not about whether you can swim or not but whether you can tread water long enough.  This way Perry has a fighting chance should he (or we) wind up in the drink.

Perry is what I like to call the “au naturale” dog.  He hates getting his nails trimmed.  He hates taking his heartworm medicine.  Heaven Turmurgitroid if I try to put flea medicine on him.  I knew that he wasn’t going to be so thrilled with the idea of the lifejacket.  Once I actually got him in it he seemed to take to it just fine.  Now, let’s see if that was a one time freak occurrence, or if he will actually wear it.  He seemed to like it…..

Dog Lifejacket and a smile


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