Beach in April? Why not?!

When I was 8 I declared that I was moving to California because it was sunny, warm, and near the beach.  Hey, when you grow up with practically an 8 month winter it is no wonder I didn’t pack up my Strawberry Shortcake sleeping bag and hitch hike before I was 10.  For as much as I love the mountains; I love the water more.  Rivers, lakes, streams, but above all else is the ocean.

FieldsI woke up this morning and just had a craving for the beach.  I loaded Perry into the car and off we went heading for Lewes, DE.  There is just something about the Eastern Shore I’ve always adored.  Lots of farm land, lots of space, and the ocean what is not to love about it?

We got to the Delaware State Park in just over two hours.  As we pulled through the guard shack Perry started pinging off of the walls of the car.  Ah yes, the Springer whine.  Nothing is as glorious as listening to your dog loose their ever loving mind because they are just SO FREAKING EXCITED.

For a dog who hasn’t been to the ocean since he was three months old he knew exactly where he was. He practically dragged me all the way up the dunes to the beach.

When we reached the top of the dunes the stopped in his tracks.  WHOA! It photo 3didn’t take long for him to go right back to OH MY GOD!  He chased the ball and the waves and had a grand old time. It was like he was an old beach pro.  He didn’t care that the water was frigid or that the wind was howling.  All he knew is that he was having a good time and so was I.

After the beach we did a quick tour of Lewes.  Most of the shops were closed, but “Pups” was open.  A store, for Perry’s???  Of course we went in!  The store owner was super nice and we bought a new ball for the Chuckit.

After all of this excitement we headed home.  Not before one stop, though, we had spied an family dairy that sells fresh ice cream on our way out so of course we had to stop on our way back.  What’s better to put the cherry on top of the weekend than getting an ice cream for me and a “dog gone” sundae for him.  Happy Perry, happy me, what could be better?!

photo 5


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