What is a pirates favorite sock? Arrrr-gyle

Kayak in DCIf you have lived in DC long enough you have had the joy (or pain) of experiencing the Cherry Blossoms. Unless you have figured out the trick of when to go (no, I will not tell you that) you have to elbow your way through throngs of people getting groped/stepped on/growled at by tourists in every language imaginable.  This year I was determined to not go through that level of pain.   One of the pages I monitor quite closely is the Key Bridge Boathouse which is a partner of Boating in DC.  I noticed that they were doing a Cherry Blossom paddle.  Wait, no crowds?  No pushing?  No trampling?  SIGN ME UP!!

I corralled a couple of my girl friends and said, “We are doing this, no excuses.” Lucky for me they are good sports and agreed that this was a much better idea.  We got to the boathouse and loaded into our boats.  Let the paddling begin!!  Of course, shortly after we started paddling the pirate jokes started. To include, “I’m the Captain now.”

DSCN1200I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get to paddle into the tidal basin.  Apparently it has been barred off to prevent run away paddle boats and to keep motorboats out.  I would like to see the tidal basin opened occasionally to allow kayakers in, but I am sure that is probably a bridge too far.

We had a grand time, though.  We got to see some amazing sites, paddling under several historic bridges, and getting to enjoy the cherry blossoms.  That means it was all worth while.


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