Packing it in

Springer at beachSpring is desperately trying to poke its lovely little head out regardless of what that wicked Mother Nature has to say about it.  Although, she’s about ready to smack us down with snow (again.)

Around here the bad news about Spring coming is that Perry and I loose our relative free reign of the various State Parks.  Seems like the weather goes above a certain temperature and all of a sudden everyone comes out of the woodwork.  We take advantage of this “in between” time.  It’s warm enough for him to enjoy a dip (albeit a cold one) on the beaches and yet cold enough to keep the people (and the bugs) at bay.

Today we went to one of the local parks that we hadn’t visited yet; meeting up with a girl friend of mine and her two dogs.  We had the entire park practically to ourselves.  The dogs swam, played in the sand, chased the ball, and hiked through the woods.  Everyone had a grand time.

That said, one of my biggest pet peeves about the various park systems is trash, Trashspecifically plastic.  Hiking in Zion I saw more plastic water bottles than I did any form of wild life.  I couldn’t even carry them all out.  When I was hiking in Kenya I picked up the trash along the trail which endeared me to my Masai guide.  When living in San Diego I always brought home at least one bag of trash a day.  I HATE trash in our parks and on our beaches.  Maybe it’s having seen the impact of plastic bags on sea life.  Maybe it’s the fact that my Dad would have given me a good walloping if I tried to leave trash out in the woods. He was a leave no trace guy way before there was such a campaign.

As per usual, I packed a couple of extra bags and picked up the various trash I found along the beach.  I don’t understand why people find it so difficult to bring out their garbage. In full disclosure, I also mutter under my breath out I can’t have my DOG in may of these places, but people can do THIS to the park system.     It’s simple people, pack out your trash.  Yes, even the soda straws.  If it came in with you it should leave with you.  You should leave your park system cleaner than when you went into it.  It’s your park system, have some pride.

Dogs beach

Hey! That’s MY ball.



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