Perry and the 6 foot leash

P&B Biscayne“All dogs must be on a 6 foot leash”.  So reads every park “before you come” section.  Now, Perry has never been a “6 foot” kind of guy.  When he was an 11 week old puppy I took him and Ben (my previous Springer) to Biscayne National Park. This was Perry’s very first National Park experience. Ben was exceptionally respectful on his leash and Perry was so little that just getting him to walk ON the leash (as opposed to sitting down in defiance) was a major feat.  However, Perry is a big boy now and must adhere to all of the park rules.  Given that we are going to (hopefully) cover some major ground this summer it is critical that I have two hands to balance with as I am not the most graceful of land creatures.

The last hike that Perry and I went on I hooked his flexileash onto my Osprey pack at the chest strap.  While this is effective the pull is so high up on my center of balance every single time he pulled it knocked me off balance.  You can’t blame a guy for pulling because, well, squirrels are Gods tennis balls.

OllyDog leashEnter the OllyDog leash. I purchased it the last time I was at REI in hopes that not only would it keep us in regulations, but it would keep me from going ass over teakettle on the trail.  I know that Perry dislikes being on a short leash almost as much as he hates being on leash in general, but I was hopeful that this may bring some peace to our negotiations.

All in all we both seemed happy with the leash.  While, yes, he spent the first two miles pulling like a freight train; because the pull was so low on my center of gravity it didn’t affect my hiking ability.  In his defense it was our first hike out since I had been sick and he did have a bit of pent up energy in him.  I would have liked to have a bit of padding on the waist strap rather than just the nylon (as it cut into my skin a bit) but with some adjustments I managed to get it over my clothes to add to the padding.  That said, Perry is definitely going to need a harness to get him to stop choking himself. He can’t help himself he loves being a trail dog.

Perry swimAt approximately the half way point we stopped and I let him off leash to bound into the creek and go swimming.  He seemed happy, well adjusted, and not disinclined to go back on leash when his play time was up.  I will call that a success to say the least.


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