The Grand Adventure

To discuss the “Grand Adventure” we first must discuss what brought about the decision to go on the Grand Adventure and if I had to sum it up in one word; death.  I know that doesn’t sound like a very sexy reason to go on a grand adventure, but it’s probably one of the best reasons of all.

Dad Adirondacks 1977

See, my Dad is my super hero.  He is the center of my universe.  Most of my childhood memories are associated with him; being out in the woods, sledding down the mountains in the Adirondacks, teaching me to swim, ride a bike, hold a hammer.  All necessary skills for a girl to become self-sufficient.  “As some point in time you have to learn to put the shelf together.”

My Dad has end stage heart failure.  We aren’t exactly sure how much longer he has. There are places in this country that my Dad always wanted to see.  Honestly, he wanted to climb them.  He’s always been a bit of a mountain man.  Now, though, he can’t go to those places the doctors say that it is too risky for him to fly and way too risky for him to be out on the trail.  Despite the fact that we told him we’d put a “Please recycle me” sticker on him when he hiked he says he is done. That’s where the Grand Adventure plan came into being.

I’ve never taken a break.  Not after I got out of the military, not in between jobs, not one single day have I been unemployed.  Technically, I’m still not unemployed; however, I have enough leave saved up that I am going to take a month off.  Perry, my intrepid English Springer Spaniel and trail dog extraordinaire,  and I are going to go to every single place Dad has ever dreamed of visiting, wanted to visit, or wanted to go back to with a couple of additions of my own on for flair.  This blog is going to capture all of the planning and execution of the Grand Adventure.  This way my Dad can see all of those things he wanted to see all from the comfort and safety of home.

Perry on the trails

Perry on the trails


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